This small multy application wire twisting  tool can help more than you think... ( *** Model 1951 on demo *** )

The K twister is on of the kind... !

What's your application ?Art, Electrician, plumber, wrapper, tier, rebar, construction, fence mounting, drop ceiling, home builder, steel bar shaper,

bale tie tool, rebar #6, rebar tying wire,cable tie tool,tie,
Filo twister, bale tie, cable tie, zip cable tie, wine,vignoble,wine, vignoble,

MODEL :1951

Wire twister, filo twister
wire tie, wire twist,carboard baler press

Duo pack 

Model 1951 for straight wires

Model 1959 DS for     pre- twisted ends

Model: 1959 DS




HD wire twister, wire tie, wire twist, wire tool

Heavy Duty wire twister

Ktwister 1987 HD

drop ceiling tools
drop ceiling

Make you own drop ceiling wires with Ktwister1951

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Les Entreprises Boplasm inc  sell the ktwister all over the planet for construction, shops, and all kinds of applications